Win XT
Win ver: 1.5.50
Steps: Download, Extract, Open Folder, Run
See: Readme.txt
Prerequisites: .Net 4.0 Client Profile

Win XT

Windows Extensions
For general and power users
Features: Folder Shortcuts, Explore From
Roadmap: Win + G, Index Folders for subfolders / files, Text organizer etc
Effort: Init - 4 hours, 2013 - 10 hours
Source code: ianamazi/ivy


Begun on October 9th 2010, Win XT was written for the love of Greg Perry, since DOpus was no longer an option. Again in 2013, the shortcuts folder was becoming too large to manage and thinking that a search-as-you-type feature which included sub-folders of the match would be great to add, it became logical to resurrect it.


  • Drag drop folders / shortcuts
  • Reorganize folders
  • Favorites have their own menus for quick navigation
  • Drag from Recent to Folders
  • Drag from list of open explorer windows (TBD)
  • At-a-glance View of buttons and sub-buttons
  • Search as you type (TBE)


It also includes other tools like the Digital "Clocky"