IViewer.zip ver: 5.5.540
Steps: Download, Extract, Open Folder, Run
See: Getting Started.txt / Readme.txt
Prerequisites: .Net 4.0 Client Profile


A media player and organizer
For music enthusiasts, students and general public
Features: search as you type, file / playlist panes, lyrics display.
Roadmap: a vocals/guitar/piano trainer
Effort: VB6 - 5 years, VB.net - 2 weeks, C#.net - 3 weeks
Source code: ianamazi/ivy


Begun on December 20th 2000, IViewer in its previous incarnation was built in VB6 and handled pictures, text, pdfs and html files apart from music. It had quite a lot of features that havent yet made it to the new .net version

The .Net version was begun in 2006 with simple features like search-as-you-type. In 2012 the lyrics viewer was added and the trainer stubbed. It was migrated from VB to C# on its 12th anniversary to a more cohesive and easily maintainable codebase.