Forming Years

Ivy Technologies was founded in 2000 when Imran and Sriram first began writing windows applications in VB6. Dubbing themselves tekkies for their love of programming and Star Trek, the first years saw the development of

You can see other apps developed by Imran in the Software pdf on his portfolio profile page.

Then it was disbanded in 2005 cause Imran and Sriram graduated, Imran was learning html / css whilst moonlighting at Gani & Sons, Sriram began working at Microsoft, Hyderabad and Laila moved to Holland.


In 2006 began the transition to .Net apps with Imran running solo. IViewer was rewritten in VB.net, FTP Sync and QGen were written out of pure necessity.

Imran collaborated with Balaji on a TFS 2005 Addin for automatic deployment of websites including script execution (the forerunner of the modern automated deployment process)

2010 saw the creation of a winforms framework for business apps, powered by NHibernate where the screens are built at runtime. The project was abandoned for want of a good BA. It should help spawn a hybrid web / windows app, integrating elements of a plain ado.net-enhanced ORM framework.

In 2012 frustration with building playlists in the otherwise flawless KMP caused IViewer development to be re-kindled. The decision to migrate to C#, have a 12th anniversary IViewer pan-global launch and put the mettle to the test was finally made. Delayed a few months for want of an updater, a once-over by a good BA (now they're a dime a dozen), and creation of this website, Ivy and IViewer are finally ready for launch.

License to use

Ivy Apps are all FREE to use. Source code is available at ianamazi/ivy and donations are welcome.