FTP Sync
Win XT
Ivy Updater

Welcome to Ivy Technologies

The free Windows Apps wing of cselian.com and Imran, Ivy Technologies intends to provide only the best programs as evinced by

  • IViewer - A media player and organizer
    Features: search as you type, file / playlist panes, lyrics display.
    Intended for: music enthusiasts, students and general public
  • FTP Sync - Watch folder and upload changes to website
    Features: Drag-drop, add files by path, stop watching, have a list of projects and encrypt passwords.
    Intended for: web developers
  • AIO - Quick Generator, Multi Replace, File Finder etc
    Features: Skip lines with certain columns, merge output, generate entities etc
    Intended for: developers, entity generation
  • Win XT - Windows Extensions
    Features: Folder Shortcuts, Explore From
    Intended for: general and power users
  • Ivy Updater - Publish changes to your desktop application
    Features: User setting for frequency, postpone. Very small footprint
    Intended for: Windows apps developers